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In this story, on the Sea of Galilee, Jesus calls upon the First Disciples as he performs a miraculous catch of fish after the fishermen had been unsuccessful. Jesus calls the common fishermen to leave everything and become his disciples as "Fishers of Men." Read the full story of.
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What a great outcome! What a great example! What new things have you discovered about Jesus from this Bible story? What is Jesus asking you to do? Think quietly about Jesus saying those words to you. What will you say to him?

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Jesus Calls Peter, a scene from the movie Son of God

This is also a story about fishing. Jesus uses a kind of puzzling image about fishing. I realized this week why his image is so confusing to me. What do you imagine when someone talks about fishing? The church I grew up in had wall-to-wall blue carpet, a deep sea blue. In one of the Sunday School classroom at my church, there was a yellow wooden boat that sailed the blue carpet sea.

It was a legitimate play boat, way bigger than all the other toys.

Why Did Jesus Choose Fishermen?

The base was like the legs on a giant rocking chair. It had two benches, big enough for three little kids each, and perfect for acting out all the different sea venture bible stories. You could see Jesus off in the distance walking on the blue-carpet water towards you.

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And, of course, pretend you were fishing while singing another song that goes with this story. Perhaps you know this one too:. I will make you fishers of men, fishers of men, fishers of men. I will make you fishers of men, if you follow me. They cast their nets into the sea, into a broad expanse of water. Jesus is inviting these four fishermen to join him in casting, not individual fishing poles, but a massive net. The road Jesus invites these four fishermen to follow him on will mean casting a net of love and welcome to people that they do not anticipate.

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Jesus will stay in the homes of poor, be guilty of associating prostitutes and touching the hands of people with communicable diseases. Jesus will throw his net into the sea and invite everyone in. Jesus will eventually be arrested and executed because those in power decided his fishing net included a few too many of the wrong people. This is a story about fishing. If this is only a story about four fisherman who decide to follow Jesus, the pressures on you and me! Called to be his disciples? God has called us and we must decide.

Jesus wants us all to follow him, to be like him, to walk in his footsteps, to do what he does.

Theasaurus: Fishermen

Of course this story is about that! Simon, Andrew, James, John, they do it! They decide and they do follow Jesus, imperfectly at that. If life becomes all about what we do for Jesus, something is missing. If this is only a story about fishing, have some of us failed? Is it too late for us? His net is sometimes, or maybe more than sometimes, a bit more expansive than we might be comfortable with.

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He calls us to be like him and fish for people, and yet, sometimes we can barely get the net into the water. He can really mean me? Would his net really reach me? This is a story about God, who God is, how God acts, what God does. Before they follow Jesus, Jesus comes to them! Jesus saw. Jesus spoke. Jesus called. We follow Jesus because he first came to us.